Below are some links and images to press I’ve received online and in magazines for various projects including my research, architectural designs and speaking events.


Radio Interview.

ABC Radio Darwin (2019) Sunday Morning with Jess Ong. From 1:39:30/1:55:00.


Daisy Roberts (2019) “Research Winner”. F-Magazine.

Research award.

Paige Ashby (2019) “International Recognition for Architecture Research”. The University of Queensland News.


Patrick Hunn (2018) “Understanding the Messiness of Life: Kali Marnane”. Architecture AU.

Conference panel.

Kelly Greenop (2017) "Women to the Front". Architecture Australia. 106(4), 65.


Architectural design.

Linda Cheng (2017) ‘Seven Winning ideas for Queensland’s ‘missing middle’’. Architecture AU.

Architectural design.

Nicolas Rider (2017) “Winning designs revealed for Queensland’s “missing middle” competition”. Architecture & Design.


Architecture & Design (2016) “Dulux Study Tour Names Rising Stars of Australian Architecture”. Furnishing International.