Doctoral Research

Kali is a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) candidate at The University of Queensland studying the significance of common or shared spaces in an informal settlement in India.


PhD Abstract

The world is experiencing unprecedented urban growth alongside increasing levels of poverty and inequality. Slums, informal settlements and squatter settlements house over one billion people around the world and are projected to reach a population of two billion in the next 20-30 years (UN-Habitat 2016). Despite their proliferation and resilience, these settlements are not well understood. Policies that result in clearance or substantial change to these self-constructed environments can destroy or diminish the social and cultural fabric of community. There are limited studies that record the spatial qualities and related patterns of use in informal settlements, and yet understanding the urban morphology of informal settlements is critical for achieving better upgrading outcomes and tackling urban poverty. This project uses a case study approach to contribute to a better understanding of the impact of the built environment, focusing on the uses and urban morphology of common spaces in informal settlements in Ahmedabad, India.


writing, speaking, teachinG, etc.


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